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Welcome to the official homepage of the OverClocked ReMix Project, The Root of All Evil. This album is an arrangement of the soundtrack from the Polish adventure game, Teen Agent. A handful of talented artists from the video game remixing community came together to create this album. The original soundtrack is by Radek Szamrej. Although the soundtrack is fairly short, there is a lot of diversity between each track, and the artists involved did their best to do justice to this great work.

The project began in August 2009, and was finished in early 2010. I remember playing through Teen Agent as a kid, and I had fond memories of the game and its soundtrack. I decided to find some friends in the OverClocked ReMix community who would be interested in "modernizing" the soundtrack. We wanted to do the material justice and make it sound as good as possible while experimenting, and expanding on these themes.

Enjoy the music, and try the game!


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Album Tracks

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  1. i.n.t.r.o. (audio fidelity)
    source: Intro A

    "This track was something I was inspired to throw together for Brandon for his diligence and courtesy in asking me to help his project. I am not familiar with the game nor soundtrack, but after hearing "Intro A," I immediately felt a desire to give it a dirty electro feel, haha. I came onboard telling him I could only find the time to take one day to put this track together. So, 7 hours later, this is what came out. I have been very inspired by the sounds of Paris electro and wanted to do something pretty aggressive.

    This was a first attempt at the style and I'm quite happy with how it turned it and had a lot of fun doing it. :D"

    -audio fidelity

  2. Trapped (Brandon Strader)
    sources: Prison, Cave

    "I always thought the Prison theme would sound awesome in a "Supermassive Black Hole" style. That's sort of what I was shooting for with this remix. I went a little overboard with the idea of being trapped in a prison. In the game, the main character stays in a small cell very, very briefly, and easily escapes."


  3. A Village's Welcome (Vampire Hunter Dan)
    source: Village

    "My experience with this game began just a short while ago, but in that time, I've come to learn that its composer had quite a knack for writing arrangement-friendly melodies. The Village theme is rich in melody and catchy chord structure (not to mention its bass lines), and orchestrating it has truly been a great experience for me, as I rarely arrange light-hearted/major key pieces. Hopefully, the fun I had will reach each listener."

    -Vampire Hunter Dan

  4. Lingering Lust (Brandon Strader)
    source: Lovers

    "'Lovers' was always one of my favorite themes, and the song can loop infinitely and still be enjoyable. I used minimal orchestra elements to add depth and also to more smoothly follow Vampire Hunter Dan's brilliant song that precedes this one. I wasn't planning for percussion, but ultimately chose to put some sparse ethnic percussion along with live tambourine that I recorded here."


  5. A Mouse in the Hole (Radio Edit) (OCRE, Brandon Strader)
    source: Cave

    "This is more a faithful arrangement of the source tune than my other track on the album and was inspired by the Cave track from the Amiga version of Teen Agent. The title of the arrangement references the only scene in the game where the song is heard, where a mouse is placed in a hole in the cave wall in order to solve a puzzle."


    "I worked with notes that were sequenced by OCRE for this somewhat avant-garde version of the Cave theme. Strangely, a few edits here and there made the song sound a lot like one of my favorite bands, Dargaard. A very atmospheric type of orchestrated music that builds within its own soundscape for a while."


  6. Of Darkness (Brandon Strader)
    source: Cave

    "One dark night, I decided to attempt a version of the Cave theme using primarily tribal instrumentation. The result sounded frighteningly convincing. Or maybe just frightening... maybe a little menacing."


  7. Lovers' Suite (Vampire Hunter Dan)
    source: Lovers

    "Once again, this fairly last-minute arrangement opportunity was an exercise in exhilaration, along with a chance to work with some truly fantastic melodies (which were screaming for added harmony parts). The source being fairly short left me with the impression it'd be difficult to produce anything over 2 minutes, but again, the music lent itself well to a repeat of the main melody without sounding too redundant. Completing a piece about "Lovers" by Valentine's Day's end became a personal goal just 24 hours prior to achieving it."

    -Vampire Hunter Dan

Bonus Tracks

  1. Mark Hopper (bill cakes, Brandon Strader)
    source: Intro C

  2. Celtic Wedding March (superjoe)
    source: March

  3. Sax of Gold (Brandon Strader, prophetik, Usa)
    source: Army Blues

  4. 100% Juice (superjoe)
    source: Multi-Fruit Juice

  5. I'm on a Boat (Brandon Strader)
    source: Island Reggae

  6. Memories Within the Walls (Flik)
    source: Castle

  7. Army Base Infiltration (OCRE)
    source: Army Blues

Mark Hopper's Red Cap


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